Thursday, April 13, 2006

CBR touces 325 On Autobahn

I love this video so much , I had to put it here,

Its a CBR driven by a german bike journalist, and it reaches 325 km/hr . Worth noting is the accelaration, the gear changes and the rpm that is maintained. Trust me its something else.

You will be amazed, and it probably is one of my favourite all time videos, something i watch whenever I am missing the adrenaline.

If the above does not work try here.
Leave a comment and tell me if you liked it?"This is a shoutout to the female demography who visit this blog"

Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Week END!

I am really tempted, and so I will let in to it..

My seriously indulgent weekend, almost spilling into the week was well a heady cocktail of salsa, party, alcohol, women, late night coffee's in a 7 star, excellent loud rock music and beers in a loud club, a very intense movie(crash), a tall glass of cold coffee at 2 am, discussion on gamedesign and how i almost switched careers, a long walk on an empty road with female company, the latest issue of autocar, waking up in someone else's bed(do not make a sexual connotation here), 2 g's on a single meal, bullet rides, the best goddamm club sandwich ever, heady cocktails, south american male bravado, business proposals...... will update more as soon as I recall.

P.S. Its spring and i should be in germany.

Also, test how geeky are you?