Tuesday, April 11, 2006

Week END!

I am really tempted, and so I will let in to it..

My seriously indulgent weekend, almost spilling into the week was well a heady cocktail of salsa, party, alcohol, women, late night coffee's in a 7 star, excellent loud rock music and beers in a loud club, a very intense movie(crash), a tall glass of cold coffee at 2 am, discussion on gamedesign and how i almost switched careers, a long walk on an empty road with female company, the latest issue of autocar, waking up in someone else's bed(do not make a sexual connotation here), 2 g's on a single meal, bullet rides, the best goddamm club sandwich ever, heady cocktails, south american male bravado, business proposals...... will update more as soon as I recall.

P.S. Its spring and i should be in germany.

Also, test how geeky are you?


Anonymous said...

u shud be in San Jose ...... instaed of Germany

Trust me!!!!!!!!!!!

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

i guess you are right

harpriya said...

the post should be titled WEEK START not WEEK END

Cruel Intentions said...

Man, I wish I could say.... "Dude I wanna be in HYD" but then again.... Your friend Sania would mind wouldn't she? ;-)