Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Am I going to die of cancer-Hypochondria or Fact

Swollen Uvula?

You probably had too much to drink last night.

Have you heard the terms"uvulitis", "uvular edema", or "Quincke's disease of the uvula".

Till this morning even I had not. But for the readers of this blog and whoever may reach here in the future, please do not panick if you wake up with a swollen ovula.

For people who are wondering what the ovula is, its the piece of tissue that hangs down at the end of your mouth. See pic:

Also more about the swollen uvula here.(Possibly the internet's best resource on swollen uvula -a blog with a post in 2005 and about 600 comments from poeple searching for what a swollen uvula is)

I woke up a swollen Uvula this morning and trust me its the worst feeling, because you feel like there is something in your throat that you wanna throw out but it just sticks there.
According to a wiki, it is caused either by 1) dehydration (from arid weather and/or alcohol); 2) excessive smoking or other inhaled irratants; 3) snoring; 4) allergic reaction; or 5) a viral or bacterial infection.

Well for me a couple of things might have worked in tandem. I think lack of sleep caused snoring and coming from a humid clime while I was travelling last week may have caused some bacterial infection.

The usual culprit although invariably is dehydration(usually from excessive alcohol).

Had I known about this condition I would have done what is suggested that is :

Drink tons of fluids.
Also suggested is gargling and resting. but it might lead you to cancer, I duuno f thats true but maybe I am hypochondriac.

But I read about this 5 hours after I started searching, basically for two reasons, I didnt know what this part of my body was called and what condition was I suffering from?

From the Internet abt evolution of the Uvula:

Our conclusion is that the uvula is possibly an accessory organ of speech, and may be another marker of human evolution that differentiates man from other mammals.

Interesting links organised

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PS: There are tons of crazy people on the planet

And after 10 hours its still there...

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