Monday, November 06, 2006

Departed and Open Season

The madness of Scorsese and the magic of Pixar!

Two movies in two days is not so much, but these are perhaps the best movies I have
seen this year.

Departed is all about cursing, and just to mention what my esteemed friend remarked" There's only two languages in which cursing soundS effective, and he has used both(english and panjabi)". And it's got great plot, amazing storytelling, a splendid cast, the Janus Jack Nicholson, Mark Whalburg, Matt Damon and should have been excluded Leo Caprio. Vera Farmiga Impresses too.

Open Season(In 3-D, which was a nice surprise) is just phenomenal graphics rendering. I mean I have seen tons of animation, but the combined effect of three dimensional projection and cutting edge animation was surreal!

Kudos to Hollywood! Some movies just, make sense.

Oh and I found a list of all makes by Martin Scorsese.

What's a Nice Girl Like You Doing in a Place Like This? • It's Not Just You, Murray! • The Big Shave • Who's That Knocking at My Door • Street Scenes • Boxcar Bertha • Mean Streets • Italianamerican • Alice Doesn't Live Here Anymore • Taxi Driver • New York, New York • American Boy: A Profile of Steven Prince • The Last Waltz • Raging Bull • The King of Comedy • After Hours • The Color of Money • The Last Temptation of Christ • New York Stories • Goodfellas • Cape Fear • The Age of Innocence • Casino • Kundun • My Voyage to Italy • Bringing Out the Dead • Gangs of New York • The Aviator • No Direction Home • The Departed


Kanika said...

I love"The age of Innocence"..gues will try to catch "The departed " this weekend..
saw the "Borat" movie last weekend.... got just one word for it... "AWESOME"...!!!!!!
catch it if u can..

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

Will try and get a copy, but it takes a while for third world(ok two and a half) to get a copy you see:P

Kanika said...

saw departed yesterday... nice movie.. loved the direction. though i ended up with a few questions in the end..!!!

and i ll see if i cn find a link from where u can download the borat movie.. i saw it again today..:D

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

That would be kool!

Insouciant said...

Dude.. will get ya a div x of all Scorsese works

PS: yar blog ka link to change kar de