Monday, May 07, 2007

Raid De Himalaya 2007

The Raid is back this year in it's 8th run.

-Looks like we are going to Srinagar
-Reliability is now called Adventure Trail
-Registratiom is on, Early Birds get to pay only 25,000 if register before 30th may
-This year will definitely see stronger participation
-Adventure trail gets 6/10 for diffilculty, Xtreme get a 9!

Itenerary looks like this
6th October 2007

Leg 1 Shimla – Manali

7th October 2007

Leg 2 Manali – Kaza - Tabo

8th October 2007

Leg 3 Tabo - Darcha - Pang

9th October 2007

Leg 4 Pang - Leh

10th October 2007

Leg 5 Leh - Keylong

11th October 2007

Leg 6 Keylong - Patni Top

12th October 2007

Leg 7 Patni Top - Srinagar

13th October 2007

Prize Distribution after the final Scrutineering and the conclusion of the Raid.

So Buckle your seatbelt Dorothy, Cuz Kansas is goin bye bye!


vrinn said...

hmmmm... bikes, jeeps and mountains really gets you going man! hope u make it to the finish line this time around (no detours);P lolz
and will catch ya on TV :P

Insouciant said...

Who are you going with ... I thot this time wud be us :(

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

Vrinz: yea, Hope they take an intervie wof me at the front this tiem:D
Aman: tainu leh chalde haan:D

Anonymous said...

Keep posting stuff like this i really like it