Thursday, February 16, 2006

60 Days 60 Nights

Today marks the completion of 60 days of my hiatus from home. Hyderabad…Hmmm…honestly…It’s not what I thought it would be.

It really is a hot dusty city with a mix of Hindu Muslim population.

Major grumbles:

  • Random locations. (Place A has a single Mini Mall, and place B has a Mini Mall. Great right. Except that there’s like a ton of kilometers between them and Narrow slow moving road between them.)
  • Lack of Things to do. It’s not really a tourist city, nor does it have it share of happening places. Barista and CCD are not exactly JOINTS.
  • The Food Sucks and not to mention “Service” is unheard of here, whether its Pizza hut or Noodle Bar or any good chain.
  • Biryaani in not what I thought it would be. I Mean people who have had good Punjabi Food would not be impressed, No great shakes I swear.
  • People are conservative; Chandigarh is by far “chic”.

  • It’s a village of a city, with markets lined across roads which crisscross the city.

  • I am in Jubilee Hills, the most “posh” area in Hyderabad and possibly all of AP. It doesn’t impress me much.

  • My Office is in the middle of a Residential area and does not have anything in the vicinity(café, market, Phone booths). It also lacks a Canteen! So life is, well not so great in that sense.

But even then, I think it’s a great experience. Can’t wait for it to get better though.


Anonymous said...

well 60 dayz 60 nights is just the most "original" thing ever........i'm truly inspired now to move someplace and then experience it the same wasy u r doing it!!!!---harpriya

Cruel Intentions said...

And Are The Views Still The Same???