Monday, February 27, 2006

Another Sunday, Another Bunch of Movies

Well it’s a second weekend in a row I have spent working; and watching not one but two movies. It’s a habit I caught in Chandigarh, and recently too, of watching no less then two movies in a go. It’s becoming a fetish and every time I walk out of a theatre after the first screening, I get this feeling of incompletion.

Last weekend I saw Rang De Basanti and Chronicles Of Narnia.

And yesterday it happened again. I watched “Memoirs of a Geisha”, another adapted screenplay where they ended up adapting it a little too much. But for a movie I enjoyed it thoroughly, and highly recommend it as a watch. But as I walked out (and this being a good watch), I got the same feeling again.

And then… yup you guessed it right, another movie, and guess what I ended up watching. Some weird movie called “Firewall”, with our very own Harrison Ford, doing a classic family in trouble and saves them from the bad guys, except that it really sucked.

What about the people who religiously follow my blog (I am kidding about this one), any strange fetishes?

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harpriya said...

hi there,you and me on the same boat here...........welcome aboad!!!!!!!