Wednesday, March 08, 2006

The Color Of Spring

So, another spring is here, another CEBIT has gone by, and another quarter is about to end. Ok I am kidding about the last one.

Some Random thoughts:
  • No colors in hyderabad, and the daily grind does not even remind you that the Sky is blue, the fields are yellow, the flowers are full blossom or that the trees back home look beautiful.
  • IS life all about chasing the dream, better job, more money, better work station ;P, Bigger Plasma Screen, latest Hand Held/Ipod, Bigger Car/House, Beautiful GF/Wifey, more savings, safer future
  • Why am I paying 30 % freakin tax?, not to mention 6% FBT(Frings benefit tax: I learnt that today)
  • I heard I will have to pay extra everytime I use an ATM?
  • Is "Wrap my words around you" a good thing to say :P
  • Tidy Riddance, eh?
  • Are people instinctly self centred, or is it a virtue/vice?, I mean is it human nature?
  • Is Navjot a POTHEAD?
  • Is Airdeccan a SCAM, all their flights are delayed by 2-8 hours.
  • Is blogger, gmail, orkut, google News, and everything else " free" a detailed scheme to create a detail of all users' online habits, surfing preferences and network and their preferences in a bid to push targeted advertising, so we suckers are compelled to buy everything we DO NOT need
  • Is an MBA a 2 year vacation where u spend good money to watch movies, listen to music, booze, smoke/weed, have a ball of a time and then get paid double of what you were getting in when you joined?
  • Are we a country waiting to explode with its SME's.
  • Ignore no. 8
Cheers, Smacznego, Skoal!


Mag said...

No spring here:(

Na zdrowie :)

< 22 degree > said...

Neat picture Surdy.........

BTW the answers to all your questions is YES.......


maverick said...

oi .... tera pala kade na hove ...

huh ...

(tries to get back on the stool ....... realises he's in his bedroom sitting on the bed ..... looks for the flush...)

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

Nav...did i write something wrong?

30.45 N,76.48 E said...

Nav...did i write something wrong?

Cruel Intentions said...

C'est tres interessant