Thursday, September 21, 2006

D Day

Well the preparations are in full swing and I am getting ready for the road trip of my life,

in the Next two weeks I'm planning to travel 6000 kilometers across India, 4000 out of those would be by road and the rest by air.
reality check: Earths circumference is 40000 kilometers. its definitely the craziest thing I have ever attempted to do.

For the readers of this blog here is a summary of the itenerary:(It's still sketchy)

Sep 23

Hyderabad Shimla road trip

Sep 28 Scrutiny begins

Sep 30 Raid Begins

Oct 7 Raid Ends

Oct 9 Hopefully back to work and normal life

Distance 2000kms(Depending on the highways taken about 2000)

Estimated time: 3 days(Again, I cant really say)

Here's a map that sheds some light on the highways in India, a long ignored topic.

I would love to take the road west(we always wanna take the highway westwards innit) to End day one in Daman And Diu.

Day two would Destination Udaipur and Day three Destination Chandigarh/Shimla.

However to reflect the sanity in us and to make good time, and under the pressure from some "friendly advice", we might(and the probability of this happening is more) make a saner trip down the middle of India to reach Delhi.(See map)

This would still be a crazy trip, nonetheless.

Will keep the story of my survival through the centre of India as a topic for my next post.

Please excuse the lack of exciting language in the post. Its been written in a hurry and does not reflect the emotions in their true form, or so I would say.

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