Friday, September 01, 2006

Wake Up Sleepy Head

Things to do to keep from getting bored

Read subjects you are least close to: cognitive psychology, javascript,
Genres of Photography: (my favorite: lomography)
Aesthetics ergonomics
Common Rail Diesels

Play a sport

Watch constructive tv

Go for a jog

Exercise-hit the gym


Learn a language

Larn to play the guitar


Learn to Empathize

Learn to be charming

Participate in raid de himalaya

Dun have the dough try mtb himachal(tour de himachal)

Own a bullet, you can try and participate in the royal enfield trip to leh, and hopefully get featured on ndtv as well

Wanna be good at stocks, play moneybhai, real stocks with fake mone


Su Do ku

Martial arts classes, tai chi, taibo

Hit the kitchen, try a new cuisine: heard about googling leftovers in the fridge for a new recipe?

Learn to red 12 digit bar codes and ISBN nos

Lucid dreams

Astral projections

Out Of Body experiences

Altered state of consciousness

Order your synklini


Travel with a partner, you will know urself better, so will your partner. Also, your tolerance will surely increase

Take a hike, I mean a hike across a track

Learn to DJ if you think you have a sense of music

Prepare for CAT

Take your GRE/GMAT

Prepare and take the Mensa Test

Really Bored: how about the IAS

Really really bored: keep reading this blog :P

I am kidding about the last one, Anyways I am open to suggestions on how readers spend their time?

(This is in no way a complete list, and is not an endorsement fo what i may do , plan to do or may be doing)


latika said...

haha i would prepare for GMAT

simran said...

as 4 moi~ cat [:(] hmmm..!;) nice ideas...ill use some more...! ha..!some r already on da list tho!

Mag said...

in poland we say: if u have nothing to do, take off your close and keep an eye on it :P
besides: there is nothing to it but to do it - not sure exactly what does it mean, but sounds smart:P
good idea is also dating with interesting lady (if u think it is a proposition... :P)
oh and well... we dont like cats. Rafus rulez :D

kanika said...

whatever happened to our one post a day ..!!!!.. wh not add it to the list here...

Udai said...

you forgot "Keep some weird pet"
and "Pour superglue in ur room-mates shampoo and then try to decipher the 'What the fuck is wrong wth my hair' expression on his face